I'm about to be checked out after 2 nights at FV Hospital. I read all your reviews before I checked in and I have to say the emergency room patients really stirred up my fears. But this is where my Hip Replacement was scheduled and this is where I came.


My experience here is fabulous. I interacted with at least a dozen employees in the past 48 hours since checking in. Each of them was professional, kind, supportive and truly cared how I was doing each step of the way. The hospital is clean and the equipment is modern. My surgeon likes doing his cases here and the nurses like him too. (Christopher Ninh, MD). The physical therapy was well delivered and I learned a lot about my body and healing.

Your patient, Carl Frank Dietz

"I was diagnosed with severe degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) in both hips. I enjoyed all athletics (skiing, biking, tennis, swimming, aerobics) but when I was unable to walk without a cane or wheelchair, surgery was my only answer. I researched the different approaches (posterior vs. anterior) and decided on the newer, less invasive approach. Finding a doctor in OC who specialized in this type of surgery was difficult. Dr. Christopher Ninh is highly skilled yet conservative. He performed & replaced both my hips 7 weeks apart. My 1st surgery was Dec 11, 2013; 2nd surgery was Jan 22, 2014. Within days I was walking without a cane and into physical therapy with quick results. His post-surgery scheduling and attention to protocol was flawless; recovery and physical therapy was totally successful. I have my life back. The end results are remarkable (3 month time frame).

Dr. Ninh is extremely professional yet very friendly and straight forward. He listens well and answers all my questions clearly. I would recommend him highly. He is amazing especially based on the very successful results of my two surgeries. His staff is courteous and extremely helpful. They pushed all the insurance paperwork through swiftly and flawlessly. They promptly answer any emails or phone calls before and after surgery. They communicate well and are extremely helpful in being sure surgery dates are exact; any pre or post-surgery tests are completed; appointments and follow up is perfect.

Not knowing what to expect before and after surgery; all the tests, appointments involved. I felt like they held my hand through each step without ever missing a beat or dropping the ball. I owe the end result of two totally successful hip surgeries to the attention of the Doctor and his staff. Very caring. Wonderful staff and highly skilled doctor.

The end result was excellent thanks to the commitment of Dr. Ninh and his staff. My recovery from both surgeries was swift and phenomenal. Dr. Ninh is a wonderful Doctor and I highly recommend him. I canât thank him enough. Within 3 months I have returned back to normal sports and activities without restrictions. I could be a poster child to attest to how successful 2 surgeries could be. See you on the tennis courts or ski slopes!

Marsha E. - Hip replacement (both hips)

Respected Dr. I, M. your patient would like to pay my profound gratitude for having care for my knee operation which to me seems the Almighty God have the blessings on you for performing such operation. I hope under your care I will soon recover from my knee problem and walk like a normal man. A small token of Love and Respect. Your patient, M.

thank you note

M - Knee Surgery

All I can say is, "Thank you!" Dr. Ninh's program works wonderfully. How rewarding for you to be part of a successful clinic! I took Mom home Saturday. The biggest plus is that she is virtually pain free, as pain with each step was her biggest complaint before surgery. She "flies" up and down our 2 steps, which were a huge impediment before. She has quite a bit of work ahead to get the new knee bending properly, but she walks well on it and doesn't hurt! She wants to dump the walker already. We will see what home health recommends! "

Ellie M. (for her mother) - Knee replacement

I visited 3 Orthopedic surgeons and decided on Dr. Ninh after our conversation, He was professional and able to answer all my questions and concerns. I had a total knee replacement on my right knee, We decided on the Get Around knee by Stryker and the surgery went great and My knee has healed up and I was back to walking normally again. I was so impressed and happy with the results that I went back and had my left knee done and I am currently rehabbing and I am very satisfied with the results. Dr. Ninh and his staff are very friendly and professional and I highly recommend Dr Ninh for anyone considering surgery.

Ken M. - Total Knee Replacement, Left & Right.

I would like to thank Dr. Ninh for the successful surgery, and for the referral to have physical therapy @ Movement Systems with Dr. Jack Chen.


Prior to surgery, I could not raise my arm and was very restricted in my daily activity. I was constantly in pain, and went through some depression. After the surgery and PT, I'm back to do all the things I used to. The pain now is minimal due to overexertion. Surgery on 9/13, PT ended 11/13. My deepest appreciation to Dr. Ninh and Movement Systems PT center.

Kiem T - Right Shoulder Arthroscopy

We want to let you know how pleased we are with Dr. Christopher Ninh and his office staff. Dr. Ninh has been treating my husband, Charles M for a broken knee cap since June 2013. Most recently, he performed arthroscopic knee surgery on my husband on January 2014. During this span of time, Dr. Ninh and his staff have been warm, friendly, and very efficient.


Dr. Ninh is very kind, respectful, patient, and professional. He never makes us feel rushed during an appointment. Thai, his physician assistant, is very knowledgeable and patient in dealing with my husband's questions. Jennifer is so kind to email me the cost of each visit as I requested of her. Caroline is always thorough when we are checking out, making sure we have our next appointment. Cali is "on top of things" regarding getting my husband to physical therapy.


As my husband and I leave the office after each appointment, we are encouraged that his treatment is progressing nicely. This makes a difficult situation, a broken knee cap and how that impacts our daily lives, not such a challenge. Thank You.

Deborah M. for Charles M - Knee Scope